4 Things You May NOT Know About Blogging

4 Things you May Not Know About Blogging

Hey Peeps! Guess what! Who is in the house today? I’ve got someone special with me who has extensive blogging experience, talking about 4 important things you may not know about blogging! A Warm Welcome To Ryan Biddulph!

Irrespective of your blogging level; either you are beginner or pro blogger when Ryan speak something you must take into consideration if you want to be successful in blogging.

He is so much humble and generous that he has literally shared guest post on TekkieHead. We feel really lucky. This is our first and most exciting guest article written by blogging expert – Ryan.

I am not going to take too much time of you and straight away jump into Ryan’s thought on 4 important things you may not know about blogging.

Ryan says…

I have blogged for the past 10 years of my life.

I learned much about myself and my potential during this decade.

Yep; blogging tossed me curveballs along the way, too.

Sometimes, bloggers paint a dream image of a blogger’s life but do not tell the rest of the story. I do. One moment, you see me laying on the beach in Fiji. But in the next moment I am working 8-10 hours a day, writing and networking to help build my neat life of circling the globe.

Blogging is smart, persistent, energized work. In moments, this feels like hard work. Never trust someone who claims blogging is like walking down easy street, with sweet blogging fairies dropping pixie dust traffic and profits on your head. Nope; this life does not exist.

Every single blogging hardship and every ounce of hard work is totally worth this freeing, fascinating journey.

Check out these 4 things you may not know about blogging.

#1: Blogging Unearths Long Buried Talents

I absolutely love broadcasting live on Facebook.

Turns out, I was a champion public speaker at 10 years of age. One nun who taught at my school suggested I begin public speaking. Months later, I won awards. But I did not speak live in front of a camera or in person until I began broadcasting on Facebook a few years ago.

After enjoying my first few broadcasts, I recalled my public speaking skills I developed some 34 years ago.

Blogging helps you unearth long buried talents you may have forgotten that you owned.

#2: Blogging Can Change Your Motive

Many bloggers begin blogging mainly to make money. But these folks learn you need to blog mainly for fun, or you will fail. Why? Nobody makes money as a newbie because you have no skills.

No skills = no money. No money = loss of motivation. Loss of motivation = quitting.

Blogging can change your motive from making money, to having fun, to helping people, to feeling fulfilled. These days I blog to have fun helping people. Plus, blogging gives me a creative outlet where I express myself freely.

You will likely see your motive change as you progress on this blogging journey.

#3: Blogging Is Much More than Writing and Publishing Posts

New bloggers think blogging is just writing a post and tapping the “publish” button.


Blogging is researching topics, practicing writing, networking freely, being generous and thinking like an entrepreneur to make money.

Being a pro blogger requires 3 different skill sets: be a problem spotter through observation, be a skilled blogger through writing and presentation, be a savvy entrepreneur by monetizing your blog effectively.

Most new bloggers have no idea blogging requires 3 separate roles you must master before becoming a professional blogger.

#4: Blogging Is Most Enjoyable When You Are Helping People

I have circled the globe for 8 years.

I love the life I live through blogging.

But blogging is most enjoyable to me when I am giving aka helping people live their dreams. The giving, not the getting, feels best. Few bloggers understand this until they begin blogging from a genuine, compassionate mindset.

Most dive into blogging trying to get and realize it is more fun to give through blogging. Plus, you get so much more when you fall in love with giving. This is why I write so many guest posts. I love helping my fellow bloggers with rich, valuable content. Passive traffic for them.

Enjoy the Journey

More than anything, enjoy the blogging journey.

You will learn many fascinating lessons along the way.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

Thank you Ryan for giving us opportunity to put your thoughts on tekkiehead. We sincerely thank you for providing lovely blogging tips to our audience.

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