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Career in blogging is not so popular thing as of today compared to other mainstream career options like engineering, medical or finance etc. Probably people are still not aware about beauty of blogging. The day everyone knows roughly how much one can earn from blogging then blogging will be in the top list of mainstream career options.

Those who lives in rural areas knows very few selected career options. Other hand, those who lives in metro cities, probably aware about multiple career options. Although it’s never been an easy to choose what is best for your future.

Who doesn’t want to do something cool, something different?

Though we still choose traditional path. After all, these tradition ways of securing future are not a bad idea. Also, social respect which we get that is something on top of that. Almost everyone thinks about job security and social status while deciding career. Surprisingly, I was also one of them. But now I’ve found the alternative way to peruse my dream.

Sometimes we take wrong road by accidently, but it doesn’t mean everything is over.

Mayur Jadhav
Look at the backgroup :p

If you are reading this article and having second thoughts deciding your career in blogging, then this article is for you. I am going to take you through all the aspects of blogging; why you should choose blogging as a career. You can be a professional full-time blogger, or you can just do blogging as a hobby (part time) which may generate secondary income for you.

Are you really interested in blogging? – that’s great, or perhaps you are already on the way to blogging but uncertain about future. This article is also for you. Blogging as career is modern way of securing our future.

I write pretty much all day, every day. What about you?

Do you have writing skills?

It doesn’t matter. Eventually you will become pro writer, if you take writing seriously. Work hard on your writing skills, try to write pretty much all day, every day. Irrespective of your profession everyone should know how to write a good content. A good writer always stands out in the crowd. Writing helps you to improve your personality, thinking power, public speaking and many more…

Writing doesn’t mean you have to think out of the box, imaginary and what not. Nope, there are many successful writers or bloggers write about their daily life or run tech blogs in simple words.

Don’t be afraid of fiction, tech or news writers who are champion in communication and have a bunch of complicated synonyms in their head. It is not necessary to use hi-fi words in writing.

You don’t need to start a blog to test your writing skills. You may start writing on Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – anywhere you like. Its free, of course.

Blogging is a Serios Business

Blogging is just a hobby for many but when someone thinking as a career option then it becomes much more than that. It’s a pure Serious business. You may opt for Blogging as career if you are serious about it else do not fall for it.

Blogging looks very easy task for outsiders, but real pain or efforts only serious blogger can feel it. if you do this business with pure honesty with love; you will never disappoint with the outcomes.

You must have heard about how much pro bloggers are earning daily, but did you ever think how hard they are working? What is their daily schedule? You will not see how many word documents/notes are in their trash since they have started blogging. How many times they edit single article to get that one perfect.

The determination and will power decides our future. If you have that one, then no one can stop you growing in blogging field.

I would highly recommend to start blogging today itself. Don’t think too much.  There are plenty of resources available to start your blogging journey for FREE, get comfortable with writing and then think about blogging as a career. Start writing on different topics daily, initially you might feel difficult but as much as you write, progressively you will become better and better.

Blogging Myth

There are many myths all around about blogging. Starting from selecting niche to generating traffic on your blog. The biggest myth I ever heard that “blogging is a boss free life”, Really?

Mayur Jadhav (from
I am standing with mysterious myth

We all are standing on the same ladder where everyone wants to go one steps up. Today, you might hate your boss but if I ask you, where do you see yourself after 5-8 years (if you continue in the same organization)? Obvious answers would be – Manager/Boss! Isn’t it?

Well truth is, blogging is not a boss free life. You are your own boss but indirectly, your readers/audience are your boss. Want to know how? Check this article.

If someone genuinely interested in blogging, then you should give a try at least but be aware about this truth- Blogging is definitely NOT a boss free life.

What is best for you?

You may opt for full time blogging or part time blogging as a career, both the doors are open for you. Make a wise decision and choose any of these. Any of these requires your full attention and many sleepless nights if you want to make something great in blogging.

It is totally depending on your interest and your present situation to decide whether you choose part time or full-time blogging.

Let me try to help you to find out who are full time blogger or part time blogger.

Who are the Full time Bloggers?

The one who like to read, write and marketing. If you see all these three characteristics in you then you might have a strong candidate for full time blogger.

The one who passionate enough to spend nights and nights, learning blogging insights and applying those learnings to make enough profit from it.

Reality of Full time Bloggers:

Full time blogger’s totally dependent on blogging income. They blog for living! Whereas this is not the case with people who do blogging as a hobby or work part-time.

You need to consider following things before choosing career as a full-time blogger.

  1. Blogging Expense and further investment
  2. Your own daily expense
  3. Family Expense
  4. Children’s education
  5. Tax
  6. Your retirement plans

Don’t be afraid. Pro bloggers earn much more than you think. There are many alternative ways bloggers focus on to secure earnings such as affiliate marketing, paid post, advertising and many more.

Blogging is still very under rated field, no one is aware about real beauty of blogging.

Blogging is a process!

It’s a long process. It’s not something you work for a week and you get paid immediately. It’s a long-term game. If you stablish yourself in blogging, then your income will not stop.

It’s a process of writing, promoting/marketing, making backlinks, building authority, gaining trust from readers, creating unique content consistently.

Part-time Bloggers

The person who is bit uncertain about career in blogging. Maybe you are already established professional, doing great in your job but have interest in blogging. By the way, I am that kind of person.

If you have any doubt on your writing and marketing skills, then I would highly recommend part time blogging. Don’t drop anything for blogging immediately. People easily gets influenced by looking at pro blogger’s lifestyle. Perhaps, that could be biggest mistake of your life.

We must accept fact that blogging is not for everyone. It requires determination, will power and patience. If you really want to try out then go for part time, treat it as hobby initially. After certain time you can always decide; where you should want to go with.

Well, here is the gamble. If you start earning good money from part time blogging, also happy with the current job; why should choose only one.

Dear Student Bloggers,

have seen many of you interested in blogging. That’s awesome. We must start blogging at our early age. But I feel you should not take your education granted. Blogging is all depends on your thoughts and that thought process gets developed through education. Do not make mistake to park your education aside for anything, not even for blogging. Your education should be your priority.

I hope this guide is helpful for you to decide your career. If you do so, then share your thoughts with me in the comment below. Do let me know if you have any questions related to blogging or in general about career.

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