[#1 Blogging Facts ] – Boss Free Life ? Really?

Bloging facts- Boss Free Life

Blogging facts revealed! 

Blogging – Boss Free Life- You must have heard this tagline many times. It grabs audience attention after all who does want to work under boss. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and always looking for that corner in life.

Blogging is a booming industry nowadays and people are getting attracted day by day. Many people are quitting their permanent  job and trying out blogging. Are you one of them? Or may be thinking to start blogging just because you want to have boss free life, here is RED ALERT for you.

It is an awesome field. Indeed. But do you really think it’s that easy life? I am going to reveal blogging facts revolving around “boss free life”.

I have friends working in multiple industries for many years. They had worked under many leaders, some of those are good, some of those are bad. I can imagine the worst situation where boss is angry- shouting and screaming at their employees. This is typical life where people bear with their bosses in fear of losing job. This fact, no one deny it.

Let me get into the straight point. BLOGGING IS NOT A BOSS FREE LIFE !! You may argue with me. I can fully understand as I am directly pointing out taglines of most of the bloggers or speakers.

If this is my stand then you might want to know HOW? Who is the hidden Boss then? Under whom bloggers work for?

Any Guesses… If blogging is not a boss free then who is your boss? Is it GOOGLE?

Definitely NOT. It’s a platform or medium. Even Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, never treat himself as a boss then how come Google be your BOSS.

Definition of Google:

Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.

‘on Sunday she googled an ex-boyfriend’

Who is the real BOSS ?

It’s YOU. Yes, YOU and many others, who are reading this at the moment! 

As a reader YOU ARE MY BOSS !!

You must have feeling happy now. Readers are the real boss – always remember that.

Is there any similarity or differences between office boss and you as an audience – boss? There are interesting blogging facts about your boss listed here.

Expectations of Office Boss !!

I have tried to list down the most common things bosses expect from their employees. More or less every boss expects same to grow business.

  1. An Extraordinary Work  (Definition depends on your boss :p)
  2. Client satisfaction
  3. Regularity in Work (Don’t apply for LEAVES :p)
  4. High quality delivery
  5. Help coworkers to run projects or company together.

I hope you guys are also agree with me! Don’t you? Of course, you must have many more things, experiences which you want to add up – Go ahead and mention in the comments.

Now let’s think as a Blogger or Writer!

Expectations of Readers !!

Treat your audience as a your boss and think about same points highlighted in previous section. Definitely, if someone is going to invest their time to read your article then they must keep expectations from you.

Google is not hungry for quality content but readers do! Remember that.

  1. An Extraordinary Unique Content
  2. User Satisfaction
  3. Regularity in publishing articles
  4. High quality Content
  5. If you are a blogger then you should know how important it is to make connections with your fellow bloggers. How you do it? Helping them!

Does it make any sense, Now?

If you FAIL to do these things properly as an Employee or Blogger or Writer then you probably knows the consequences – 

As an Employee: No promotion, no salary hike, boss shouting at you and so on….

As a Blogger: Less visitors, Low earnings, 

If you are a blogger then there is no one (readers) physically present to shout at you but this behaviour from your readers hurt you the same.

Treat your Boss Well

I would say, if you want to stay up in the competition then your boss is an important entity. Impress them with your WORK, they will pay you back with rewards, as simple as that. 

Deliver good quality content, I am sure you are already doing it but this is my small try to explain hidden corners of blogging facts. 

I hope you are agree on points I have tried to highlight here. But I am very interested to know your stand on “Blogging – Boss Free Life?”. I am sure you must have something interesting to put in front of our community.

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