Blogging on the Moon

Blogging on the Moon

Have you ever think to go somewhere far away and explore new places. I’ve been visited 10 countries so far and still counting. Don’t you get bored with the same place, same desk and do blogging? If you do so, then you may at least go out on the beach, island, mountain or may be forest. Ohh wait, how about blogging on the moon?

If you ask me, I would prefer to go on the moon rather on the beach or an island. Norway is known for amazing fjords and island. I’ve been there many times and seems got bored with that trick but it may work for you. Go and try out.

It doesn’t matter really whether you are living in the most expensive country, have all the facilities available so easily. Anyone can sacrifice to live in the natural beauty of nature to see not well known places to the world.

I think it’s time to go on the moon now. 

The stage was set for most awaited big moment. I was about to go on the moon but suddenly some kind of alert, annoying sound, “mission aborted…mission aborted…..”  got me up.

When I opened my eyes, then realized it’s my mobile phone’s alarm. I think I was in the dream so long and didn’t realize that it’s 7AM already. In between all this drama I was a bit late so rushed myself to reach office on time. (typical IT life)

Though it was a nice time in the dream by the way… I like to stay updated with all the latest news, especially when it comes to technology. That’s what I’ve started this A technology blog to share my life experiences through blogging.

On Monday, Jul 22, 2019 ISRO has successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 (mission moon). It was previously scheduled for last week but due to some technical glitches mission got aborted and rescheduled for Jul 22. Since last one week I was reading about the moon mission and watching youtube videos. Probably, that’s the reason I got into that weird dream.

Well, then I started to imagine blogging journey on the moon; take a sip of coffee, start writing articles, doing SEO, Digital marketing and what not…all this happening on the moon, by the way.

Looks crazy… but yeah I want to try one day.

So far on the moon….

Let me give you a quick glance on story of chasing moon by human so far.

so far on the moon
so far on the moon

The first human went on the moon was Neil Armstrong along with lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin  in 1969. The NASA’s Apollo 11 mission placed first human on the moon. It’s been 50 years now but no one has ever tried to send humans back on the moon again, not even NASA.

Why so? There are some possible reasons for this. (This is my personal evolution on the basis of research so far..)

Why we are not sending humans back to the moon again?

Firstly, try to understand why the USA was too much interested and tried hard to chase down moon specially during the 1960’s. It’s all started by 35th President of the USA, J.F. Kennedy. Considering current situation and Soviet Union success on space missions, probably under political pressure, he has made a commitment to send humans on the moon. That’s how everything has started….

A national goal proposed in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy: “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”

The USA wanted to invest more on space research to beat all other nations, especially Soviet Union and become a superpower. J.F. Kennedy was probably thinking to convince people to invest more money on space research by showing human involvement in the space. It never was an easy to go on the moon. To accomplish this commitment USA has invested large amount of money into “moon mission”. After few failures finally they succeed in 1969.

Possible reasons

The cost involved for sending humans on the moon is very huge and there is always risk in it. We have not completely explored moon yet. That’s why all the countries are more on sending robots or sending satellites which are revolving in lunar orbit to study moon. Everyone wants to learn more about the moon and then near future they plan to send humans on the moon.

Also, we do not have any political desired today to do something which has high risk and invest huge amount of money.

So far, five countries have made to reach the moon and had successful robotic probes land, USA, China, Japan, Russia and India. The basic motto to study and get to know everything possible about moon so one day we could easily accomplish blogging on the moon dream 🙂

Do you know how India launching rocket towards moon and getting success in first attempt?

India’s first lunar mission in 2008 – Chandrayaan-1 – Carried out the first and most detailed search for water on the Moon using radars.

Chandrayaan-2 (Moon mission 2) set  to land near the little-explored south pole of the Moon.

ISRO Chandrayaan Mission
Chandrayaan Mission by ISRO

Interesting? Explore more images about Chandrayaan 2 mission here.

Blogging in between the moon and earth

I wish I could write my 100th or.. 1000th or… probably 100000th article from moon. Just imagine!  The 238,000 miles away from earth, writing about universe, next generation of blogging and making strategies for futuristic marketing, sharing those knowledge back to earth.  How cool it will be.

Well, people from earth, please do not get offended, sending someone to the moon, it’s like someone getting chance to go onsite- abroad. Definitely, there is not necessary to have competency difference between onshore and offshore. Likewise you people from earth are also good but people from moon are amazing; just look at me! :p

In my imagination, I could do keyword research, research on topic, making outline for article and making draft of my post can be possible during traveling from Earth to the Moon. Once we reach on the moon then I’ll just give final touch up to my article, making sure I have enough internal linking, good on page SEO and an attractive imagines or short videos etc. And finally hitting that publish button.

Next Generation of Blogging

Sometimes I wonder thinking about next generation blogging and blogging on the moon concept best suits at this moment. Now we are toggle between content writing, SEO, Digital marketing but how it will be after 50 or 80 years. In my head, I can imagine bit about future blogging techniques. Perhaps, my thoughts will look very strange, weird now but yeah, this my futuristic imaginary blogging.

Future blogging would be totally or completely different, I would say. I’ ve tried to list down interesting things below but I am sure you also have something to share. If you do so, then share with me,I would love to add your thoughts here.

1. New Internet

Possibly, someone somewhere building new internet and we will see someone beating google one day. It’s been a long time since we’re only talking about google. Of course they have covered all the market and let behind rest of the search engines like yahoo, bing etc.

As a tech geek, I could smell that, not today then tomorrow or may be day after tomorrow something will pop up with great ideas and new venture.

2. Publish articles to other planets. 

There is also a possibility to have new kind of internet, accessible everywhere on your fingertips without using any device. After all if you can able to communicate from earth to the moon and vise versa;  just like calling to your neighborhood friends and talking. 

Possibly, you can publish your article on the moon or other planets on your fingertips. Development in space research and traveling to the moon on a few hours, for that matter; it is not possible without seeing tremendous changes in IoT(Internet of Things). 

3. Artificial Intelligence in blogging

Well, Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) are mostly talked topics nowadays. People are trying to crack down on the AI and ML to get the most out of it. You must have seen every day something comes up with AI and ML. 

I am not able to recall everything that I saw in my dream but how about when you wake up, all the events happened in your dream are available for you and you can read it anytime and laugh. Just like hollywood movie scenes. That’s the beauty of  AI. 

This is interesting. Let’s imagine you are writing your article just by thinking and collecting thoughts, automatically everything is getting stored on virtual text file or word document.

4. Optimistic thought: to become google one day

This one is more optimistic but still I want to add it. Can’t we become google one day? Today, if you have any questions then you go to and search for answers.

How about we are asking questions to each other or ourselves virtually and getting answers back. Just like we also have our crawlers or googlebots which are always looking for content and making it available for users. Well in that case we still need bloggers or writers to create quality content hence blogging on the moon is still necessity.

That’s it.

This is my story of blogging on the moon. I am damn sure you also have an interesting story too. I would love to hear your story of blogging in the comment.

Though…I still want to go on the moon ! Can someone throw me on the moon!

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