Casey Neistat hacked by Burger King on Twitter

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Casey Neistat on Burger King twitter news

The New York youtuber star, Casey Neistat got hacked by Burger King! Yes, you heard right! That tough guy got clean bowled in front of Burger King’s smart strategic move on twitter.

There was incident happened when someone from Burger King who handles their official social handles played very smart game. They selected few high-profile twitter accounts and  gone through all the tweets, I am assuming just by scrolling down 10 years back blindly and liked their few random tweets.

Here is the mind game! Let’s consider someone randomly liked your post which is 10 years older then probably you will be more curious to know reason behind it. Why would someone does this?

Same has happened with Casey Neistat, they randomly liked his few tweets from 2010 and in general just for the curiosity Casey asked, why Burger King is liking his tweets from 2010 and twitter BHOOOM!

Here is the exact line where it all started!

Why is Burger King liking my 8 years old tweets?

This was the simple question Casey asked in general on twitter and it got so viral. This is so obvious! Probably Casey forget how many followers he has on twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Casey Neistat question to Burger King twitter

On top of that there are many people who has huge number of followers responded on this tweet helped to trend Burgers on twitter

Casey’s Appeal:

Casey is known for his Youtube Channel “Casey Neistat”, not to forget he has 10+ Millions of subscribers. He creates an interesting videos and post it on his channel almost on daily basis.

When he came to know that this is kind of some promotional trick played by Burger King, he immediately posted video to explain the situation and asked Burger King to give him something in return.

Casey is very kind person, he has appealed  burger king to help poor or needy people in return. After all Burger King got all the free footage and advantage by influencing Casey. 

Here are some stats which shows how much free footage Burger King has got after this incident.

free footage stats

Burger King twitter impression value by liking Casey Neistat tweets

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