Elon Musk on Tesla’s Customer referral program 2019

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Important announcement by elon musk

As usual, Elon musk has announced something on twitter which may important to you. If you are thinking to refer someone to buy Tesla and take the adventage of super fantastic offer –  6 months of free supercharging then you have to harry up!!

Elon Musk on Tesla referral program

Time is running very fast especially after Elon Musk’s announcement on Tesla’s customer referral program. The referral program is going to end very soon that will be on 01st Feb 2019. We are not sure if this is kind of marketing strategy to convince people to take decisions/act quick, just to not miss referral offers. 

Many people are gone mad on twitter after his announcement and everyone is asking about this sudden decision. Elon Musk has didn’t hide anything and explained genuine reason for sudden end of this program. 

Its adding too much cost to the cars, especially Model 3″


Elon Musk on Tesla customer referral program end

Any ways, if you are really thinking about this referral program but haven’t thought much yet then probably this is the time for you to think seriously, after all its all about 6 months of FREE supercharging!

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