What is in Facebook’s 10 year challenge ?

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facebook's 10 year challenge reaction on twitter

You might have seen very interesting and funny pictures on internet under 10 year challenge trend. It is known to you that January month comes every year along with 10 year challenge on social media-especially on Facebook & twitter. 

This year stands out because of social media numbers – there are millions of people took this challenge  & shared photo on social media.

Current trend may trigger an interest in you to take this challenge too in case if you haven’t.

Perhaps, some hidden agendas or strategy, experts seen in this campaign especially these days where artificial intelligence blowing around.

Everyone is curious about  Artificial intelligence and want to build something cool out of it  but is it okay to play with your data or sell your pictures ?

Facebook is already getting millions of pictures every day on top of that such campaign gives them chance to look at your old picture and new picture- compare it -come up with the generic algorithm which will tell you how you will look in next 10 years! Super cool. Isn’t it?

But how do you feel if someone makes a billion-dollar business by selling your pictures without knowing you and you don’t know how/what purposes they will use your data. You will not have any control on your own pictures.

Facebook’s announcement on twitter

While Facebook has officially stated, the 10 year challenge is a user-generated meme that started on its own and denied their involvement!

facebook on 10 year challenge


The big giants are always in the top list to concur fresh technologies. It is not always easy to take a grab on such technologies and come out with the meaningful products/solutions. 

The concepts – Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning(DL) required lots of hard work and many organizations are ready to invest in it.

The big hurdle in this process is, it required huge amount of data to build something new and test its result. Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Alexa, etc are the few but mostly popular  products interacting with you,  collecting data globally and trying to improve every second.

facial recognition

The video processing,  imaging processing or facial recognition are also part of AI and comes under trending subjects. An autopilot mode in Tesla car is the best example of image processing.

Looks something fishy in  this 10-year challenge and seems it is getting triggered intentionally every year by Facebook to collect the old and latest pictures to build face recognition algorithm. 

I am more afraid to see Google in that context. Almost everyone has the google account and happily using google photo application, but do you know Google has your all the photos & documents.

Now you might say you have full control on your data through GDPR and so, but Does it really true? 

As a normal person we always have a doubt on such things, irrespective of an effort taken by government to implement data protection policy lows and principles because of scandals like Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Now here is the situation to decide whether want to be part of such campaign. oh, more specifically – you want to be part of such scandal! Or Not!!

People reacted on twitter – 

facebook's 10 year challenge reaction on twitter

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