Python Object-Oriented Programming(OOP)

python oop

Contents1 Python OOP2 PYTHON OOP : Basic Concept2.1 Python OOP features2.2 Class2.3 Object2.4 Abstraction 2.5 Polymorphism2.6 Inheritance2.7 Encapsulation Python OOP In this article we will go through the Python OOP Concepts. OOP is termed as Object Oriented Programming and it is distinguished based on various concepts such as objects, class …

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Python Define Functions

python define function

Contents1 What are Python Functions?1.1 Built-in Function1.2 Use defined function1.2.1 Syntax:2 Example:2.1 Python Function to add two numbers What are Python Functions? In the python programming context, function is a named collection of python statements combined together to perform specific task. Python def keyword is used to define the function in python. It is …

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Python Exception and Errors

Python Exception and error

Contents1 python error & built-in exceptions2 Python Error3 Python built-in Exceptions python error & built-in exceptions There are many built-in python exception an interpreter raises whenever the extraordinary situation encounters in the program.  People often gets confused with error and exception as both looks very similar but these two operates …

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