How to Activate Microsoft Azure Pass? (Free Subscription)

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In this guide we are going to demonstrate how you can activate Microsoft Azure Pass – Free subscription. You will get to know Azure Pass features, how you could set up your Azure account with free subscription.

Microsoft offers free subscription but with limited resources allocated and covered with some basic credits ($100 USD).

Assumption: We assume that you already have an Azure Pass code with you.

I have got Microsoft Azure Pass subscription with $100 USD credits for 30 days. Usually people get same credits with free Azure pass subscription for limited time period of 30 days.

Activate your Azure Pass

Step 1

Go to Microsoft Azure Pass Portal and Click on Start
Microsoft Azure Pass - Getting Started

Step 2

If you already have Microsoft account, then confirm your account details else you will be asked for profile details to create account.

Here, in my case, I already have an account hence only asked to Confirm Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Azure Account

Step 3

Enter Microsoft Azure Pass promo code to activate & click on Claim Promo Code.

Microsoft Azure Pass - Promo Code

Step 4

You will be automatically redirected into your Azure Account Portal from where you can build, manage, and monitor your cloud applications – and manage your account and billing through Azure portal.

Manage Microsoft Azure Account

Step 5

Click on “Go to the Portal” and see the complete overview of your Microsoft Azure account.

Microsoft Azure Account Overview

Monitor Azure Sponsorship

You can easily monitor your subscription—how much you have spent so far, how much left, everything about your Azure Pass, through Microsoft Azure sponsorships portal  –

Microsoft Azure Sponsorships Portal
Microsoft Azure Sponsorships Details

Enjoy Microsoft Azure Learning!!

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