SuperPutty : Change the Font Size or Background Colour

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There are tons of tools available to make a terminal connection to Linux server. The SuperPutty is one of them which is widely used by IT Administrator experts.

It’s more like Putty session but it comes with more user-friendly and wide options which help you to work more effectively.

Why SuperPuTTY?

SuperPutty is a Windows application used for the PuTTY SSH Client.

It gives you functionality to create new different terminals and can be available as tab (similar like our browser tabs) unlikely normal putty creates separate window for each terminal.

The common problems we are facing with the SuperPutty sessions are to set up font size, background colour. You might have tried to adjust the font or background colour but it only last for that particular session.


If you connect to new sessions that adjustment disappears and I know that is frustrating!

If you are also dealing with the same problems which I had previously then you are at right place.

Let me walk you through how you could configure your Superputty to have your favorite text font and colour.

Configure Your SuperPuTTY

1. Launch Your SuperPutty

2. Right click on session and create new PuTTY session

SuperPuTTY new session
SuperPuTTY new session details
SuperPuTTY session 2

3. Right click on session and select “Change Settings

SuperPuTTY session settings

4. In Putty Configuration: Go to Window >> Appearance to adjust the FONT Size.

SuperPuTTY session font
SuperPuTTY session font 2

5. In Putty Configuration: Go the Window >> Colour to adjust the background COLOUR.

SuperPuTTY session colour
SuperPuTTY session colour 2

6. Save all these changes permanently in “default session”

SuperPuTTY changes in settings

That’s it!!

When you create new session in SuperPutty it takes all these modified setting to open/save new putty sessions going forward.

PS. These settings are might not work for existing saved connection. You need to first do this settings and then add fresh connection details to save for future logon.

If you have any other queries regarding SuperPuTTY Settings or anything else then leave your comment in comment section below.

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